Sisters of Life adding new young members

Posted by Katie Loftus
Tuesday 25, August 2015 | Category:   Consecrated Life
The Wall Street Journal recently featured the Sisters of Life, a New York-based religious order devoted to protecting the sacredness of human life. While many orders find their numbers declining and the median age of members increasing, the Sisters of Life are experiencing the opposite. This relatively new order boasts a median age of 30 and welcomed 10 new novices at the beginning of August, along with celebrating three sisters professing their first vows and another eight women professing their perpetual vows.

The order was founded by New York’s Cardinal John O’Connor in 1991. O’Connor was inspired by his visit to Dachau, site of a Nazi death camp, to start a religious community of women who added a fourth vow to the traditional three of poverty, chastity, and obedience: a vow to protect the sacredness of every human life. Since 1991, 84 nuns have joined the order.

This community gives expectant mothers counseling and emotional support and opens their convents to those in need.

Sister Bethany Madonna explained the community's mission: “We are asked to treat the children of other women as if they are our own flesh and blood. That means loving their mothers at a time in their lives when they may be feeling most alone and unloved.”
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