Surprising ministry: missionary sister joins the circus

Posted by Siobhan O'Neill Meluso
Tuesday 21, July 2015 | Category:   Sacraments,Mission & Evangelization,Consecrated Life
One of the many tasks of Sister Dorothy Fabritze's circus ministry is sacrament preparation
for the performers, crew, and their families who travel around the United States.
Sister Dorothy Fabritze never imagined she'd join the circus. But this Missionary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus says, "God pursued me," and she's been traveling with and ministering to circus workers for the past 16 years, according to the Washington Post.

Sister Fabritze's faith-sharing ministry often occurs while she and the next act stand by the curtain she's responsible for opening between acts. She sometimes gets five minutes with that act as they wait in the wings for their cue. Mass is squeezed in between shows.

Since her home is on the road with the rest of the circus, Sister Fabritze made the master bedroom in her RV a small chapel and sanctuary for prayer. She teaches catechism, prepares liturgy, and often occupies the center ring with a visiting priest. 

Sister Fabritze has support in her circus ministry from Rev. Jerry Hogan, head chaplain of the circus ministry overseen by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Circus ministry is considered by the church to be pastoral care of migrants, refugees, and travelers. 

In honor of the Year of Consecrated life, VISION Vocation Guide recently featured Sister Dorothy on our YouTube channel. Check out the exclusive video of Sister Dorothy's #surprisingministry with the circus here or on the homepage of VISION Vocation Network.

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