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Secrets to being a happy priest

🕔00:59, 20.May 2020

By Father Timothy Radcliffe, O.P. Priesthood is essentially missionary: reaching out. Even when a priest’s ministry is to a parish, the parish community must be in some sense missionary: turned outward. Priesthood not only pushes us to close to people who have failed, it also pushes us to the margins. Priesthood i...

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400 Friars in one place. What could go wrong...?

🕔15:24, 8.Aug 2019

Last week, 400 friars from around the United States gathered for a landmark meeting. It was the first of its kind in the United States, the largest and most diverse gathering in the history of our country. SOCIAL MEDIA: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Inst...

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Show me a sign: Sister Sarah: What if my family isn't Catholic?

🕔15:12, 1.Feb 2019

Learn more about the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration (F.S.P.A.) at Find more information about consecrated life at VocationNetwork,org.

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What Catholics believe about Jesus

🕔12:47, 18.Oct 2018

By Father Paul Boudreau Son of God, a human being, a healer, one who gave his life for the world and is present with us today—all these and more answer the question: Who is Jesus? To read the entire article, go to To learn more abo...

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4 questions to answer God’s call

🕔12:37, 18.Oct 2018

By Sister Anita Louise Lowe, O.S.B. Throughout the ages, people have struggled to understand God’s call for them. Here are four steps to help you, beginning with increased awareness. To read the entire article, go to To learn more about prayer and discernment, go to...

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Myths about religious life

🕔12:32, 18.Oct 2018

By Vision & National Religious Vocation Conference Don’t let common misunderstandings about sisters, brothers, and priests trip you up on your discernment journey. Here is the hard data on what’s really happening in religious life today. To read the entire article, go to

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